Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it.

Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it. 

By Ikechukwu Joy Ozioma

I can’t take this anymore.
What’s the problem?
Rita threw her school bag on her bed, her eyes were reddish and she was trying to hold back
the tears welled up in her eyes.
Mum, why am I like this?
Why am I not like my mates?
Why haven’t I started developing breasts, I’m 18 already!! She half screamed and half cried.
Her mum felt for her, what happened in school today?
My class boys were at it again, the class prefect was asked to select five boys and girls to
perform in the cultural day program the school would be hosting.
I was among the girls that came out, everyone started laughing at me, one of them said, I
should go back because my chest and waist won’t be able to hold the wrapper.
Another one said we need girls, not pancakes.
Another one said I should ask my mum if you used iron to flatten my chest buttocks so it won’t
grow again.
Mum, will they ever grow?
She drew me closer herself, she patted my long hair.
Rita, you’re so beautiful, surely they will grow but you’re very beautiful already.
You have very delicate light skin, beautiful long, dark hair, pointe, diastema, dimples, straight
legs, and a very beautiful slim figure.
Stop listening to what people say about you, and stop allowing them to define you, they would
continue saying things like that because you give them a listening ear.
Carry yourself with pride, and be confident with your looks no one can be you, you’re unique and
beautiful, God made you in his own image, never let people’s negative words get to you.

Be confident with your looks. Thank you Mum, she said as she heaved a sigh of relief.


My Bio
*Ikechukwu Joy Ozioma* is a writer, public speaker, and leadership enthusiast
*Currently studying pharmacology, at the University of Calabar, Nigeria*.
She is passionate about * inspiring and impacting young lives through writing*.
And she committed to *writing, public speaking, and maintaining kingdom principles*.
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Anikpe Samuel
Anikpe Samuel
9 months ago

Low self-esteem has remain a killer of joy and I advice people should be proud of how they look because they are actually the express image of God.
Thanks for the write-up.

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