The Nigeria Innovation Summit 2022, Features Talks and Awards Presentation from the likes of Taaooma, Mr Macaroni and other Big Tech Innovators in Nigeria

In its seventh year, the Nigeria Innovation Summit brings together stakeholders from many economic sectors of the country to discuss the potential for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial growth in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Innovation Summit (NIS) has held previous iterations over the course of the last seven years, drawing over 6,000 delegates, 140 speakers and panellists, 60 tertiary institutions and research centres, 27 government ministries and agencies, delegates from 30 states of the federation, over 55 sponsors and partners, 30 countries in attendance, over 70 recipients of innovation awards and a ton of media attention.

Through the utilization of cutting-edge technology, emerging trends, R&D (Research & Development), commercialization, entrepreneurship, and investments as the primary drivers of an innovation ecosystem, NIS supports Nigeria’s embrace of innovation and progress toward digital transformation. This forum raises awareness of Nigeria’s need for open innovation, and urges the country to use innovation to boost its competitiveness in the international market.

InnovationHub Africa, Emerging Media Nigeria,  & Resources Limited, and Emerging Media and Advertising Services, New York are the organizations behind the Nigeria Innovation Summit. To link Nigerian companies and innovators to international innovation ecosystems, we collaborate with the top innovation providers from academia, business, and government throughout the world.

The Keynote Presentations, Panel Discussions, Startup Presentations, NiX Talks (Expert Insights On Emerging Technologies), Innovation Showcases, and Innovation Tours are the main highlights of the Nigeria Innovation Summit.

Another component of the Summit is the Nigeria Innovation Awards, which honours and promotes States, Ministries, Businesses, Organizations, Institutions, Startups, and Innovators who have embraced innovation to advance Nigeria.


Only eight organizations and individuals stood out among the hundreds of nominees for the Nigerian Innovation Awards 2022 as deserving winners this year, given their impressive track records of creatively resolving issues, quantifiable effects on maintaining the sustainability of the Nigerian innovation landscape, and commitment to using innovation to advance Nigeria through their works. And for the first time, people were acknowledged for their creative and innovative contributions in technology, the arts, and entertainment.

The recipients of the 2022 NIAN awards include Emergency Response Africa for Innovating in Healthcare Emergencies in Africa, Mr. Macaroni for Innovating in Entertainment, Omnibiz Africa for Innovating in B2B Retail Commerce, Pakam Technology Limited for Innovating in Waste Management in Nigeria, Space Finish for Innovating Workspaces of the Future, Quadloop for Innovating Renewable Energy, and PWC Nigeria for Special Recognition for Using Emerging Technologies to Build Innovative Indigenous Solutions.

Delegates from government organizations, diplomats, academic communities, research institutions, international organizations, investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, startups, and students attended the Nigeria Innovation Summit 2022. Also in attendance was Meeting you magazine media crew and the CEO of Ore Innovations, Sct Omojefe, Kennedy Orezime, who came all the way from the City of Calabar, Cross river state to grace the event.

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Microsoft Nigeria, The Nest, Union Bank, Nexford University, DoChase, PwC, as well as sponsors IdentityPass, Omnibiz Africa, Synlab, The Room, AFEX, Bitmama, and KuCoin provided significant support for this year’s summit.

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Sct. Omojefe Kennedy Orezime, known as Dr. PUSH or Dr. Ken, is a dynamic entrepreneur in social, digital, and medical realms. He propels economic growth by empowering youth with vital skills. He founded Ore Innovations and the Center for Human Development (, an e-learning hub with visual coaching. He also established Transformation Home Africa, a youth NGO for economic progress. As CMO at Life Clinic NG, he promotes online health services. Operating Meeting You Magazine, He offers diverse digital services, supporting social impact in Nigeria ( With roles spanning African Youth Union Congress, YALI, UN Ambassadorships, and more, he's a force for change. His journey includes studies at London Business School, a Master's in Public Health, and roles in Medical Art Therapy & Yoga. He leads the Global Entrepreneurs Week in Cross River State and impacts 10,000+ African youths. Through the #WhatsTheGoalCampaign, he drives SDG awareness (#5000Actions).
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