“Green Dreams and White Hopes: Can Nigeria Rise to the Challenge of Its Flag?”

The Nigerian flag is a symbol of hope, unity, and pride for all Nigerians. With its vibrant green and white colors, it represents the nation’s commitment to agriculture, peace, and security. However, as we look at the state of our country today, it’s hard not to feel a sense of disappointment and frustration but their remains hope for Nigeria.

The green colour on our flag is meant to represent our abundant agricultural resources. Nigeria is blessed with fertile land that can produce a wide range of crops and livestock. However, despite these vast resources, our agricultural sector remains largely undeveloped. We import a significant amount of our food, and our farmers continue to struggle with challenges like lack of access to finance, inadequate infrastructure, and insecurity.

It’s a shame that a country like Nigeria, with such enormous agricultural potential, has not been able to capitalize on it. We must do more to support our farmers and invest in our agriculture sector. By doing so, we can create jobs, reduce poverty, and improve food security for all Nigerians.

The white colour on our flag represents peace and unity, but sadly, these are two things that seem to be lacking in all sectors of our society. From the Boko Haram insurgency in the north to the Fulani herdsmen crisis in the middle belt, to the secessionist agitations in the south, our country is plagued by various forms of violence and insecurity.

The recent #EndSARS protests and the subsequent government crackdown on protesters further highlight the urgent need for peace and security in our country. Nigerians deserve to live in a safe and peaceful environment, where their rights are respected, and their voices are heard.

But despite these challenges, I remain hopeful. I believe that if we build our nation’s pillars on our green agriculture and green economy and ensure peace and security, Nigeria can become the best country in the world.

Imagine a Nigeria where our farmers are thriving, where we produce enough food to feed our people and export to other countries. Imagine a Nigeria where our youths are gainfully employed in agribusiness, and our rural communities are vibrant and prosperous.

Now, imagine Nigeria where we are at peace, where we celebrate our diversity, and where we work together towards a common goal. A Nigeria where the rule of law is respected and human rights are protected.

This is the Nigeria that I dream of, and I know that with hard work, dedication, and a renewed commitment to our national values, we can make it a reality. So let us come together as Nigerians, let us put aside our differences and work towards a brighter future. Together, we can build a Nigeria that we can all be proud of.

Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Unsplash


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Sct. Omojefe Kennedy Orezime, known as Dr. PUSH or Dr. Ken, is a dynamic entrepreneur in social, digital, and medical realms. He propels economic growth by empowering youth with vital skills. He founded Ore Innovations and the Center for Human Development (www.oreinnovations.com), an e-learning hub with visual coaching. He also established Transformation Home Africa, a youth NGO for economic progress. As CMO at Life Clinic NG, he promotes online health services. Operating Meeting You Magazine, He offers diverse digital services, supporting social impact in Nigeria (www.meetingyoumagazine.com.ng). With roles spanning African Youth Union Congress, YALI, UN Ambassadorships, and more, he's a force for change. His journey includes studies at London Business School, a Master's in Public Health, and roles in Medical Art Therapy & Yoga. He leads the Global Entrepreneurs Week in Cross River State and impacts 10,000+ African youths. Through the #WhatsTheGoalCampaign, he drives SDG awareness (#5000Actions).
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11 months ago

Nigeria shall be great again

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