Author: Lesley

SMEs Financing in Nigeria

FINANCING SMEs EXPLAINED IN DETAILS The importance of finance to business organization cannot be overemphasized. Business finance is however,not easy to come by especially in respect to SMEs. Yet they require funds from every source available to meet their asset needs,working capital needs,and for expansion. According to Ekpen Yong and Nyong (1992), there is wide […]

SMEs (A Catalyst for Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria): Conceptual Clarification

Our SMEs journey started with the INTRODUCTION on SMEs as A CAtalyst for Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria. Today we will talk about the CONCEPTUAL CLARIFICATION of SMEs. There is no generally accepted definition of a “small” business because the classification of firms as large or small is a subjective and qualitative judgement. SMEs […]

SMEs (A Catalyst for Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria): INTRO

Introduction Does the acronym “SMEs” ring a bell??? No? What does it stand for? Yes? What does it mean to you? It couldn’t be more explanatory elsewhere…   Let us quickly take a look at SMEs as A catalyst for economic growth  and development in Nigeria.   Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) are largely viewed […]

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