Author: Orezime Kennedy Omojefe

Sct. Omojefe Kennedy Orezime, known as Dr. PUSH or Dr. Ken, is a dynamic entrepreneur in social, digital, and medical realms. He propels economic growth by empowering youth with vital skills. He founded Ore Innovations and the Center for Human Development (, an e-learning hub with visual coaching. He also established Transformation Home Africa, a youth NGO for economic progress. As CMO at Life Clinic NG, he promotes online health services. Operating Meeting You Magazine, He offers diverse digital services, supporting social impact in Nigeria ( With roles spanning African Youth Union Congress, YALI, UN Ambassadorships, and more, he's a force for change. His journey includes studies at London Business School, a Master's in Public Health, and roles in Medical Art Therapy & Yoga. He leads the Global Entrepreneurs Week in Cross River State and impacts 10,000+ African youths. Through the #WhatsTheGoalCampaign, he drives SDG awareness (#5000Actions).

Join Us to Celebrate World Environment Day in Calabar, Cross River State

We are thrilled to invite you to a significant event in our community – the celebration of World Environment Day in Calabar, Cross River State. This year, Transformation Home Africa in collaboration with the Coalition of Environmental Advocates is marking this important day with the unveiling of our ambitious 1000 Tree Planting Project. Event Details: […]

Dive into Innovation: Discover What Founders Dive is All About

Dive into the depths of entrepreneurship at Founders Dive, where the currents of innovation converge to create a wave of transformation. Inspired by the invigorating experience of plunging into the ocean, Founders Dive is a dynamic event designed to immerse founders in a sea of learning, collaboration, and growth. Uncover Hidden Treasures of Knowledge As […]

Revolutionizing Education: Welcome to OI Alternate University – Your Gateway to Success!

Welcome to a new era of learning and earning, where the world is your classroom and success knows no bounds. 🌐✨ Ore Innovations is revolutionizing the education system for African youth, and we’re excited to introduce you to OI Alternate University! Why OI Alternate University? At OI Alternate University, we’ve reimagined education for the 21st […]

Ignite Your Passion at TEDx University of Calabar: A Maiden Voyage of Ideas and Innovation

In the vibrant heart of Paradise City, where lush landscapes blend seamlessly with rich culture, an exciting new chapter is about to unfold. The University of Calabar is thrilled to announce its first-ever TEDx event, set to take place on Friday, May 24th, 2024, at 12 PM. This landmark occasion promises to transform Calabar into […]

Empowering Futures: Celebrating the International Day of the Boy Child with Dr. Push and Ore Innovations

Today, we proudly join the global community in celebrating the International Day of the Boy Child! This special day is dedicated to recognizing the importance of empowering boys and young men to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society. At Ore Innovations, we are passionate about creating a brighter future for all. Our […]

Planet vs. Plastic: Dr. PUSH and Transformation Home Africa Lead the Charge on World Earth Day 2024

On #WorldEarthDay2024, the streets of Calabar buzzed with the energy and commitment of volunteers dedicated to a cleaner planet. Led by Sct. Omojefe Kennedy Orezime, affectionately known as Dr. PUSH, the founder of Transformation Home Africa, this year’s Earth Day activities included a street cleanup and market sensitization campaign under the powerful theme “Planet vs. […]

Empowering Female Students In UNICAL: The Triumph of Knowledge and Choice in Sexual Health

In the bustling corridors of academia, where minds are ignited with knowledge and ambitions soar high, there exists a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of student well-being: sexual health. Recognizing this, the Department of Public Health, in collaboration with TCRM (The Cross River Movement) and Life Clinic NG, embarked on a transformative journey with Group […]

Empowering Nigerian Youth: A Call for Electoral Reform

As Nigeria continue to experience the heat and impact of our electoral processes, the voices of the nation’s youth grow louder, demanding meaningful reforms to ensure fair, transparent, and inclusive elections. Against this backdrop, the WhillzTrust Foundation, in collaboration with the National Democratic Institute, is set to host a pivotal gathering of young people from […]

The effect of Corruption on National development: A Tale of Nigeria and Africa (part 1)

Corruption, like a parasite, gnaws at the fabric of nations, draining them of their potential and hindering progress. In Nigeria, the impact of corruption on national development is profound, touching every aspect of society, from the economy to education, healthcare, and beyond. As African youths, we must confront this scourge head-on if we are to […]

A Resplendent Revival: Calabar Carnival 2023 Takes the Stage

In a bid to revive the waning tourist allure of Cross River State, the dynamic leadership of His Excellency Senator Prince Otu has officially unveiled the Cross River State 2023 festival calendar, headlined by none other than the world-renowned Carnival Calabar. In recent years, administrative differences had dimmed the state’s once-vibrant appeal, but Senator Prince […]

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